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LIVE Streaming Demo - Updated 12/31/2012

:::LIVE Streaming Video - using Wowza Media Server:::

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Graphics in Motion Home Page - Updated 10/12/2009

:::Motion Graphics- Application beyond the classroom:::

Since teaching GrC452 Graphics in Motion I have moved south and begun working with a startup sports media company in San Diego in their video production department, and more recently Startups are as chaotic as they are exciting, and my experience working at both companies has been just that; a whirlwind of responsibilities and daily challenges all rolled into one position. One of the cool things about both of these positions is that in addition to my editing responsibilities I still get opportunities to create marketing collateral for use in print and in motion graphics.

Here is an example of a concept piece I did for the up coming Sports Force Online site launch.

Sports Force Site Launch - Concept Video from Tom Antl on Vimeo.

:::GrC 452 Course introduction - 08/21/2008:::

Hello there GrCers!!

Welcome to the newest addition to the GrC department and its curriculum, GrC 452 - Graphics in Motion. This is easily one of the most fun, creatively challenging and value added classes you can choose to take during your time at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Many of the best graphic design company's, marketing firms, and advertising agencies are highly interested in Cal Poly graduates because of our vast knowledge of print, design, and web design. Those same companies are exploring the use of motion graphics in traditional broadcasting and the latest emerging popular media, online video combined with motion graphics.

:::Example Video: Graphics in Final Cut Express:::

The video below contains a series of graphics that I began working with in Adobe Illustrator, exported to .png graphic files and imported into Final Cut Express HD. This is a great example of how you can create some very cool effects by applying some very simple effects, transitions, and motion properties to those graphics.

Click here to View this video in HD
: Urban Skyline - Graphics in Motion

GrC 452 - Graphics in Motion will introduce students to the software and basic workflows involved in creating digital video, editing it, working with graphic assets in a digital video environment using Final Cut Express, and exporting the final product to Adobe's Flash, and Apple's Quicktime video formats.

Students will learn to integrate graphic assets created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop into video projects captured and edited during class. A secondary objective of the class is to introduce proper video hosting procedures, and online digital video best practices.

Custom branded Flash video player with link featuring green screen project demonstration.

:::Please take the time to watch this video example of the types of projects that will be covered in GrC 452 this Fall:::

Click Here to View - Quicktime HD Format (28.6Mb)

Click Here to View - Quicktime Lower Bandwidth Format (7.8Mb)

Download Quicktime here free if you have trouble viewing.

The following software will be covered in class:

Primary Software:
Final Cut Express

Peripheral Software:
Adobe Flash
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

P.S. I would count on going to open lab hours a few times during the quarter if you choose to enroll in this course.

Thank you, see you in class!

Tom Antl

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Graphic Communication Department
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
1 Grand Ave. Building 26
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

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