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GrC 452 Class Resources & Cool Stuff Page

Project examples, pertinent information links, and course material will be posted on this page through out the quarter.

:::Motion Graphics Job Board & Blog site:::

Posted 12/07/2008

I found this site one day while hunting around for a friends blog. The site is called "Motionographer" and seems to contain a number of intersting articles, blogs, and a very current job board for careers in the field of motion graphics and animation.

Here is the link to the job board:

:::Graphics in Motion on the Big Screen - Waltz with Bashir:::

Posted 12/06/2008

I went to the movies yesterday and saw a preview for a film called Waltz with Bashir. It is a foreign movie staged during the 1982 Lebanon War that has won awards and festival nominations worldwide including at the 2008 New York film festival. The cool thing about this film is that it was created completely with Flash, Classic Animation, and 3D animation. Check out the theatrical trailer on the films website. I thought this would be a nice cap for the quarter.

Waltz with Bashir Film Website:

Theatrical Movie Trailer:

::: Old UGS Training Video - Summer 2003:::

Posted 12/06/08

Here is a fun UGS training video created in the summer of 2003 when the incoming UGS team decided to document Henry (Red) Heesch setting up a few of the key pieces of production equipment in the bindery lab. I know for a few years the DVD's were kept in UGS with the maintenance reference material but I am sure they have been lost by now. This is the first of 3 videos made to demonstrate the process of setting up the original heidelberg clamshell press for foil embossing. It brings back memories of my time in UGS, enjoy!

To View Old UGS Training Video: - Click Here -

:::Very cool demo reel video from

Posted 12/02/08

Check out Royale for some great examples of graphics in motion and how it is used in advertising both online and through traditional broadcast media. Check out Royales website to learn more about what they do!

:::How to export and post a video online using Quicktime - 12/02/2008:::

Posted 08/26/2009

:::Interesting documentary piece from a local San Diego Town Hall Meeting:::

This video was shot by Mike Miller and edited by Tom Antl at Streamlight video, and is being embedded here for testing purposes.

Posted 11/30/2008

This quarter we have posted our videos two different ways, the first being by using, and the second by exporting to Flash video. There is a third easy way you can publish you video for web viewing using Quicktime. To learn more about this method please click on the link below to watch.

Web video publishing using Quicktime tutorial - Click Here to View -

Note: You may need Quicktime Pro to do this, I haven't checked. I only have QT Pro on my machine.

:::Want to learn more about Graphics in Motion?:::

Posted 11/28/08

UCSD Digital Arts Center Extension: Click Here to Learn More

About the program:

"The Digital Arts Center program is the most cost-effective, mega-comprehensive, professionally-oriented program that turns your passion into a career."

Video, Sound & Graphics is where the principles of digital design, video, motion graphics, audio and music intersect to form whatever inspires the artists' imagination. Today, a knowledgeable media student has the power to create film titles and trailers, video, graphics and sound for TV and corporate media, commercials for TV, radio and interactive media—all from a desktop or laptop computer.

It's an exciting time for audio and video, as it moves from stereo to surround sound, from standard definition TV to HD and from TV sets to the web and handheld devices like the iPod. Each of these media has its own set of technical specifications and creative guidelines. Audio and video requires true left-brain / right-brain integration. The program utilizes industry leading software, enabling students to create high quality productions for a variety of delivery formats. Intensive hands-on coursework allows students to develop a valuable working portfolio while obtaining practical experience in real-world situations as follow:

• Understand and implement production planning and development processes for video and audio productions
• Develop scripts for professional media productions
• Understand fundamental cinematography and demonstrate lighting and composition principles as they pertain to video production
• Learn Final Cut Pro I & II editing techniques
• Preparation for Final Cut Pro Certification
• Demonstrate sound design techniques including editing and processing dialog, music and sound effects
• Master technical issues such as delivery formats, frame rates, codec usage and video transfer
• Understand and demonstrate proficiency in motion graphics
• Design and author menus, buttons and digital video using the DVD specifications
• Create a portfolio of interactive work to show potential employers/clients
• Program includes specialized training in resume development, interviewing skills, guidance on business methods to pursue freelance work

The Art Institute of California: Click Here to Learn More

About the program:

Television, both network and cable, major corporations, commercial post-production facilities, and film production companies are among the industries that make use of skills developed by graduates of the Media Arts & Animation program. Exciting opportunities such as animation artist, special effects artist, broadcast graphics designer, and video post-production artist are at the forefront of an industry that is repackaging information in creative new ways.

The Media Arts & Animation graduate is a highly skilled and specialized visual communicator who combines artistic talent with technological know-how to create impressions in a moving-image format.

Students begin with a substantial foundation in drawing, color, design, video production, and computer applications. From this foundation, students develop advanced skills in various aspects of computer graphics and animation. Students learn to use the tools of the computer animation profession, ranging from computer operating systems to 3-D modeling and desktop video production. These tools enhance students' flexibility and creativity, and enable them to produce an individualized digital portfolio that demonstrates their practical and technical abilities to potential employers.

:::Very cool video about Metrix print job planning software:::

Posted 11/21/2008

Metrix™ is an automatic layout calculator for commercial printers. It is used by estimators, customer service representatives, production planners, and prepress operators to instantly calculate optimum layouts, even for complex ganging. Metrix integrates with both front-end MIS systems and back-end production systems such as prepress workflows and finishing equipment.

View the introductory Metrix movie.

::: HD Video with the New Canon EOS 5D Mark II - Vincent Laforet:::

Posted 11/13/2008

If you are a fan of digital photography you have to watch Vincent Laforets "Reverie" shot entirely with the new Canon EOS 5D Mark II in full 1080p. The 5D Mark II also shoots 21 megapixel stills in case you were wondering. :)

An even more exciting video for those of you who are aspiring film makers and photographers is "The Making of Reverie"

Here is Vicent Laforets most recent addition to his video shorts: Click Here to View

Flash player step by step video tutorial:
Note:These videos are Hi-Res so you are able to clearly see the steps. Please be patient, some videos may take a minute to load. (They seem to load faster in Safari vs. Firefox)

All Video's in Quicktime format:

1 Exporting video from Final Cut Express
2 Building Flash Player
3 Naming Logo
4 Action Script Code
5 Online Prep
6 File Upload
7 Testing in Browser

Additionally if you are still having trouble with this or any project I try to make myself available during Monday nights open lab hours.

Kevin's demo Flash player:

These are current (as of 8/22/08) Ad's running on

Study these advertisments, some of them are beyond what we will cover in class this quarter, but many of them are not. Use these examples to get idea's of what direction you might want to take your video projects this quarter!!!

Software I use and recommend to anyone just getting started in digital video:

Final Cut Express Suite
Adobe CS3 - Design Premium
Visual Hub
Bitrate Pro
Toast Titanium
Cyberduck FTP

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